SkyNews: NASA launches rocket in Australia in ‘landmark’ first

In a first for Australia, US space agency NASA launched a commercial rocket from Equatorial Launch Australia’s Arnhem Space Centre, a remote area of the Northern Territory on Sunday night.

Around 100 VIPs gathered overnight in a remote part of Australia to watch an Australian-first rocket launch light up the dessert sky on Sunday night.

It is a 13m “sounding rocket” which carried an atmospheric observation platform to examine the Alpha A and B constellations. The rocket was expected to have travelled 300 km during the 15 minutes it moves through space.

“We had a few delays because of the weather but when it finally went you feel the shock of the rocket as it left and the noise was pretty impressive,” Arnhem Space Centre CEO Michael Jones told the Today Show on Monday morning.

Watch the SkyNews video here.

Australia NASA Launch

Watch the full launch here.

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