smart darwin overview


As the capital of Northern Australia, Darwin is a smart, liveable, productive and sustainable global city and Australia’s gateway to South East Asia. Through data-driven decisions, people oriented design and increased public participation, City of Darwin is a destination of choice for businesses, investors, workers, visitors and residents.

Preparing for the next wave of prosperity

To ensure the city’s attributes and emerging opportunities are capitalised on, City of Darwin has developed #SmartDarwin – its first Smart City Strategy – to drive a new wave of prosperity that is supported by 21st century approaches to business,  governance and community development.

#SmartDarwin provides a framework for governments, industries and the community to overcome today’s challenges whilst leveraging tomorrow’s opportunities, ensuring the city is prepared for a digitally and data-enabled future.

#SmartDarwin will also enable City of Darwin to focus on improving service delivery to the community by increasing the quality of life for all residents, protecting the natural environment and ensuring that opportunities to succeed are ubiquitous across the community. This strategy draws from other strategic documents and incorporates key priority areas, including:

  • Attracting investment and stimulating sustainable economic development in the city.
  • Enhancing community engagement and participation in the city’s development.
  • Developing a digitally enabled city that enables local businesses to grow and attract new residents.
  • Improving data-driven, evidence-based decision making by council to enhance transparency.
  • Balancing the demand on natural resources ensuring the natural environment is protected.
  • Improving operational efficiencies and management of council’s infrastructure and assets.
  • Leveraging grants and external funding to ensure ratepayer dollars go further.
  • Addressing social inclusion and cultural diversity, enabling community and economic participation.
  • Enhancing liveability through innovative environmental and urban greening and cooling practices.
  • Enhancing resilience to natural disasters and other events.

One significant project is Switching on Darwin. Funded by all three levels of government, Switching on Darwin will pilot a range of ‘smart’ technologies in the Darwin city centre.