South Korea Delegations at Darwin Innovation Hub

south Korea DIH

South Korea Delegations have arrived in Darwin today to attend the Industry Briefing held at the Darwin Innovation Hub.

The Darwin Innovation Hub welcomed a delegation of South Korean journalists with a focus on the Defence and Space industry in the Northern Territory. Hosting the Industry Briefing allowed us to showcase our investee companies Amphibian Aerospace Industries, Universal Site Monitoring, Aliena, SPEE3D, Equatorial Launch Australia, and also receive a presentation from Colonel Marcus Constable from the Australian Defence Force and Jonathan Gregor from SECORA.


Smallest satellite space

Aliena is a Singapore-based earth observation company that provides high resolution datasets from satellites flying closer to the earth, enabled by their proprietary plasma engines. Aliena made history on the 13th January 2022 by deploying their engines on the smallest satellite in-orbit to host such a propulsion system. The Hall thruster was integrated on a 3U nanosatellite (NuX-1), and was brought to space by a SpaceX Falcon 9 through the Transporter-3 mission.

The CEO of Aliena and Space Expert-In-Residence to the Darwin Innovation Hub, Dr Mark Lim said the support from DIH and subsequent investment from the Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund allowed Aliena to rapidly commission a privately owned Jet Propulsion Test Facility in Singapore that led to the development and deployment of its 1st engines in space out of SpaceX’s Transporter-3 mission.

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Amphibian Aerospace Industries

Dassault Systèmes AAI

AAI is the winner of Croc Pitch 2021 and won the first prize of $1 million in venture capital.

The company was established as the manufacturing and product development arm of the Australian owned Amphibian Aircraft group of companies. The vision for AAI is to be a world leader in the development and production of amphibian aerospace capabilities – they provide useful capacity and speed at unmatched affordability. AAI is the holder of U.S. Federal Aviation Administration “Type Certificate” for the HU-16 and G-111 Albatross amphibious aircraft.

With the help of Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund investing $1 million into AAI, the company will upgrade the existing piston engine version of the Albatross with new PT6A-67F Pratt & Whitney turbo prop engines. This Turbo prop version, known as the G-111T with a 28-seat capacity, will be the only FAA certified amphibian aircraft offering more than 19 seats. This passenger capability, and its capacity to transport 4.5 Tonne of freight, will enable air operations to service areas that lack traditional land-based aerospace infrastructure.

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Equatorial Launch Australia

Arnhem Space CentreELA is currently in the spotlight for their series of NASA rocket launches scheduled for this June-July.

ELA’s mission is to launch and recover objects flown to and from space by providing a flexible and responsive launch site and associated services.

While ELA offers rare efficiencies, the site can cater for all orbits, and all reliable technologies, providing sub-orbital and orbital access to space for commercial, research and government organisations. The secure site build includes utilities and facilities to meet the most stringent customer requirements, with payload integration, storage, and administration at the site.

As a client of the Entrepreneurs’ Program that is offered by Darwin Innovation Hub together with the Northern Territory Government, ELA is supported through the program’s unique services which give eligible businesses access to expert advice that money can’t buy, and financial support through grants and incentives.

In 2019 and 2021, Paspalis Investment Innovation Fund (PIIF) invested into the company through the help of Darwin Innovation Hub.

PIIF is actively investing in high-growth innovation projects. The Fund will look to invest in Australian companies seeking growth in the Asia Pacific region and Asia Pacific companies looking to relocate to Australia where those companies are involved in ventures that provide an economic advantage to the Northern Territory.

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DIH Space Projects

Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund (PIIF) has invested $2 million into SPEE3D since 2019.

Their 3D printing technology has attracted positive attention for their fast and affordable metal additive manufacturing process with many factories established all over the world. SPEE3D’s printers are the world’s fastest metal AM technology, able to print metal parts 100-1000 faster than traditional 3D printing. SPEE3D technology also competes with traditional manufacturing in terms of cost.

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Universal Site Monitoring

NAIF Local Job FundSince 2021, USM has received $950,000 from PIIF.

USM became a customer of the Darwin Innovation Hub‘s (DIH) Entrepreneurs’ Program in 2020, and since this time many doors have opened for the innovative company. DIH partner Charles Darwin University (CDU) is in talks with the company USM, which designs and develops the next generation of safety monitoring devices, to be part of a digital manufacturing hub at CDU. Furthermore, USM graduated from the Northern Territory Government‘s Business Acceleration Program in 2021.

USM is an Australian company who design and develop the next generation of safety monitoring devices via the latest Industry 4.0/IoT technology. Providing essential safety data accessible from anywhere at any time.

Their goal is to create a safer work environment for people all around the globe. With a team of technological experts based in Darwin NT, USM is perfectly situated to service Australia and the global market. Their devices can be individually custom configured to suit every operation, assisting a business’s most important assets are able to return home safely every day.

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