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Cellular Detox Hub

Cellular Detox Hub

Cellular Detox Hub

Cellular Detox Hub is a wholesale distribution partner of clean, high performance products for the family – supporting gut and immune health, methylation and detoxification, energy and vitality, stress and recovery from exercise.

Our wholesale brands include the UK’s Nucleotide Nutrition, nnnSport, and Lipolife; and Byron Bay’s ECO Minerals Natural Vegan Makeup. Our online retail store also offers methylation support supplements from Seeking Health.

Based in Darwin, we offer wholesale trade accounts to health, nutrition, and sports practitioners and retailers across Australia.

We are a pioneer in offering the only proprietary formula in the market containing all 5 dietary nucleotides supporting human DNA and RNA. Nucleotides are the backbone of DNA production and the key to cellular regeneration. These are clinically tested to be effective in supporting gut and immune health, cortisol levels, and energy and recovery from exercise.* (*These statements have not been evaluated by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration)

Our liposomal antioxidants are the best of its kind , developed using highly advanced nano-technology to “encase” the antioxidants in a liposome carrier for better delivery to cells.

Led by Sheila Brito, a UK trained nutritionist and member of The Institute for Functional Medicine, we believe in small and manageable dietary and lifestyle changes. We only offer evidence-based products that we use and love ourselves to support optimal health. Sheila offers free nutrition advice with every purchase from our online retail store to help customers choose the right supplements to complement any existing medical or health regimen that they may already have in place. She aims to spread the use of dietary nucleotides in Australia among practitioners and everyday consumers. She also aims to run small networking events catered to health and lifestyle influencers in Darwin.