Spotlight on HYRA


HYRA is an app based peer to peer network that provides users with the ability to search quality goods in their area for rent. Unlike common rental businesses, HYRA enables individuals to compare and rent goods from others in their community as well as local businesses.

HYRA connects people who have things, with people who need things. Solving the problem of acquiring goods when you need them, for a short period of time. As we all can relate, we often purchase goods that are only needed for minimal usage. HYRA provides the platform which allows its users to rent goods for a fraction of the price of purchasing them.

We all have quality goods sitting at home that are not being used on a regular basis. Users can lend their goods to others in their area to earn a side income.

Founder’s Athan and Joshua are two Civil Engineers born and raised in the Territory that have set out to change the way people view Renting.

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For more information about the peer to peer network, app development and the entrepreneurial journey Athan and Joshua have been on, join us for Third Thursday in June!