Spotlight on Aliena

Aliena Pte Ltd is Singapore’s fastest growing home-groomed space-tech start-up, based at the Satellite Research Centre (SaRC) at NTU – Singapore.

The company’s vision is to provide turn-key solutions for satellites and spacecrafts through customized engines to achieve unique mission objectives. Aliena views it’s role as providers of commercially viable subsystems that empower satellites to perform unprecedented maneuvers and new missions in space for remote sensing, security, surveillance, and asset management. These maneuvers are expected to create an ecosystem of new mission possibilities for enhanced operations in emerging markets.

An extremely successful oversubscribed first round of investment was announced in Q4 2019, with Cap Vista (a strategic investment arm of Singapore’s Defence Science and Technology Agency) leading the round together with Paspalis, and Silicon valley-based venture capital firm 500 startups. Aliena and the Northern Territory Government (through Darwin Innovation Hub) have also inked a partnership to build a cross-country regional platform for collaboration that cuts across academia and industry, to find alignment in systems that can be miniaturized and deployed to enhance operations onboard satellites in space.

Aliena looks forward to building close working relationships within the space community to catalyze development in bringing forward the lead up time of emerging payloads for commercial applications, as well as to bridge translation efforts of technology from academic institutions to commercially viable products. Aliena believes in establishing and fostering strategic partnerships Internationally and regionally amongst academic institutions and commercial entities.

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