Spotlight on EV2GO



Entrepreneur Olli Berst has returned to Darwin bringing with him the proven European technology highlighted in the electric moped scooter ‘Kumpan (‘best mate’) electric’. Fun loving people holding a C-class driver license wanting an environment-friendly transportation need to watch out for escoot for the introduction of a zero emission and zero noise scooter into Darwin.

Initially there will be a special, limited edition ‘Kumpan electric’ vehicles available for backers to pre-order online at from 9th of December 2018. German based company e-bility, which designs and manufacturers these electric scooters under the brand‚ Kumpan electric‘ in Germany, appointed Olli Berst’s escoot to an exclusive contract for Australia. With eight years of experience e-bility is a high player in the European scooter market and their two-seater scooter model 1954 Ri can offer a range of up to 186 km. The opening of a Kumpan Store is planned in March 2019 in Darwin CBD.

Word on the street says you should watch this space for the details of the innovative scooter sharing service EV2GO, utilising Kumpan electric scooters in and around Darwin. Boundless possible times ahead!



For more information, check out EV2GO