Spotlight on Remote Workmate

Remote Workmate

Remote Workmate enables companies and entrepreneurs to outsmart their competitors by leveraging the skills and productivity of Philippine-based remote workers.

In an increasingly competitive environment, the introduction of virtual workers is becoming more relevant. Remote Workmate stays ahead of the competition by implementing three rules.

  • They provide a super fast and totally free recruitment process in which business owners are able to get involved as much or as little as they want.
  • You will receive a single monthly invoice that covers absolutely everything – employee salary, compliance, HR services and payroll management are all taken care of.
  • Remote Workmate has established a “No Work, No Pay Policy” which means work progress is followed in real time through screen shots and time tracking software.

Why should you hire someone from the Philippines to work remotely for you?

  • The Philippine Government is constantly implementing strategies to support talent development – so you are getting highly-skilled, highly trained employees
  • Below average operational costs for over the top productivity. Because it’s a developing country and wages are extremely low, you can pay only 20-30% of what you would pay for a Western employee and still offer an above average salary.