Standing on Ground Zero of the Arnhem Space Centre

12 degrees south of the equator, on the Dhupuma Plateau near Nhulunbuy, the Gumatj Corporation are preparing the site for preparation of the Arnhem Space Centre.

The Gumatj Corporation represents the Gumatj peoples, one of 13 Yolngu clans of North Arnhem Land. They provide training and create job opportunities that are based on Yolngu land which are meaningful for their people and culture.

In partnership with ELA, Gumatj Corporation, will construct, develop and manage a multi-user commercial space launch centre, with NASA as a first customer.

This site will become the first equatorial launch facility in Australia and provide training, education, drive innovation and development of new technologies, support the creation of jobs and attract new investment into the region.

The Arnhem Space Centre is a sign of things to come for the future of the Nhulunbuy and the North East Arnhem economy, and the investment by the Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund into the project is a show of confidence in the Territory’s economic future.  It provides a clear signal that the Arnhem Space Centre is a distinctive investment opportunity that is uniquely positioned to deliver economic growth not just for the Territory, but for the future of Australia.

Pictured: CEO of Gumatj Corporation Ltd, Klaus Helms and General Manager of Darwin Innovation Hub, Emma Nesbitt.