Start-up Spotlight on WUNA

Start up WUNAFour times per year, the Darwin Innovation Hub offers the opportunity for Northern Territory based start-ups and entrepreneurs to develop their business within the fastest growing Incubator Hub in the Northern Australia.

Jason Davies from WUNA (HoldAccess) is one of the Incubators graduates. WUNA (HoldAccess) enables individuals to hold and easily access their identification and verified information, including existing proof of (Aboriginality) heritage certification for First Nation’s people. Called the ‘Diji-Wallet: users can access identification and control their information any time in any environment.

“The Diji-Wallet as a document repository solves a problem for people who live regionally or without safe digital access to hold their information,” says Jason. “It can be quite difficult to create economic opportunities when you lack digital access to your essential information or if it is held by third parties on your behalf, and access to it creates a further dependency on the welfare system. WUNA (HoldAccess) also offers an integrated Enterprise Software to help employers connect faster to their workers, building industry safe work cultures and significantly improving government tendering on procurement conditions. As a social impact solution, WUNA (HoldAccess) improves the position of job seekers and those in regional Australia enrolled in Community Development Programs with faster access to verified capabilities that empowers independently informed choices.” says Jason.