Startup Muster 2018

Startup Muster

Startup Muster is the largest survey of the Australian startup ecosystem and enables meaningful and timely connections between startups and the businesses that can help them.

Over the last four years, 7,611 startup founders, future founders and startup supporters have provided 313,347 answers which are used to produce insights into the startup community.

Startup Muster data has been used extensively by government, private industry, foreign interest, media and members of the startup community to build a greater understanding of how the Australian startup ecosystem is evolving.

The 2017 report has been used by 46 different Australian government bodies and 757 other organisations across 34 countries who want to better understand, invest in and work with our local ecosystem.

While you answer our questions, Startup Muster will show you how you compare to other organisations. Founders will also receive emails with recommendations of startup support organisations and events that are relevant to them, based on the criteria supporters have given us.

These are statistics for the startup community, by the startup community and the communities contribution enables decision makers to have unbiased, relevant and reliable data.

Help shape the development of the startup community, and help your business grow, by contributing to Startup Muster.

If you are a startup founder, future founder or a startup supporter please help us measure and represent what’s happening in the community by taking part below.

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