Startup Spotlight on Aquasense (formerly Intellipool)


After suffering through five years of relentlessly hot and sweaty build-ups in Darwin, Michael Bruvel was inspired to create Aquasense, a system designed to regulate and control the temperature of your pool.

Aquasense provides pool owners with a refreshing and cool pool during the hottest time of the year in tropical locations such as Darwin. It does so by using a patented system of controlling heat transfer and evaporative processes to provide a world first, fully automated low energy cooling system for pools, lagoons and aquaculture ponds.

Michael, having worked in the field of air quality analysis and monitoring, had a detailed understanding of meteorological processes in the tropics. Building on this understanding, he experimented with processes for fine tuning the application of heat transfer and evaporative cooling. These experiments led to the development of the ground breaking system.

Michael Bruvel has spent two years testing and fine tuning the Aquasense technology and is now working with local programmers and engineers to take Intellipool to the next level.