Startup Spotlight on NORTH

NORTH-logoWorking together with top end art centres and Australian craftspeople, NORTH are dedicated to honouring the cultural importance and significance of storytelling through the means in which we communicate with our artists, customers and partners. NORTH exists as a vessel to celebrate, support and broaden the exposure of textile design by Indigenous artists living remotely on their country.

The idea for NORTH began in 2012, with a strong desire to facilitate the wider promotion and availability of Indigenous textiles and establish meaningful connections between remote artists and the broader Australian community. Since it’s inception, NORTH has created four diverse collections and is currently working on the development of it’s fifth.

NORTH acknowledges that all our business activities take place on Aboriginal land. While Aboriginal culture has ancient heritage, today it thrives and has evolved to incorporate new ways of sharing story. NORTH are committed to conducting enterprise that respects culture, land, language and self-determination.