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‘It unlocks momentum’: Northern Australia pitching contest returns

A pitching contest that has helped attract global companies to Northern Australia and “unlock the momentum” of a number of young tech companies is returning in July. Croc Pitch, now in its fifth year, is sponsored by Paspalis Innovation…
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What do we look for in deals?

Getting asked what we look for in deals is one of the most common questions I get as an investment manager. This April 2023 Territory Q features two companies our Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund invested in, Liandra Swim and Atomionics.…
Croc Pitch 2022 Winner

NT News: Croc Pitch 2022 delivers cash boost for Northern Territory and Singaporean companies

Two businesses took home a share each of $1 million after judges were unable to choose a clear winner at Croc Pitch 2022 in Darwin. The annual innovation awards for start-ups was jointly won by Territory-based Kraken Coding and Singapore…
Atomionics Croc Pitch Winner

Atomionics A Step Closer To Their Vision – Mapping Out The Earth’s Crust

Awarded $500,000 in investment from Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund (PIIF) as the winner of Croc Pitch 2022, Singapore based startup, Atomionics' vision is to essentially build a complete model of the Earth's Crust using their Gravimeter. The…
Croc Pitch 2022 Winners

Croc Pitch 2022 Winners!!

PRESS RELEASE Event Date: 26th October 2022 Event Location: Darwin Innovation Hub Croc Pitch 2022 Winners Announced! Hosted by the Darwin Innovation Hub on the 26th of October as part of the Spark Festival and October Business Month’s…