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ELA Equatorial Space

Rocket Company Inks MOU with Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) for Launches from Arnhem Space Centre

  Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA), a leading spaceport operator, has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Singaporean rocket company Equatorial Space Systems (ESS) for a series of launches of the Dorado family of suborbital rockets…
Innospace ELA

Equatorial Launch Australia signs multi-launch contract with INNOSPACE to conduct orbital launches from the Arnhem Space Centre

The agreement will see the launch of several INNOSPACE rocket variants each carrying between 50kg and 500kg payloads into low earth orbit from the Arnhem Space Centre (ASC) across a five-year timeframe until Dec 2028. Equatorial Launch…
Aliena Hello Tomorrow

Aliena is a finalist of ‘Aerospace’ Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

Congratulations to Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund (PIIF) investee, Aliena for being selected as one of the six finalists in the 'Aerospace' sector of Hello Tomorrow Global Summit - the leading worldwide competition for early-stage deep…
Aliena Thrusters

All systems go: How Aliena, a space tech firm is scaling new heights

The achievements of Singapore space technology company Aliena are, quite literally, out of this world. Next year, it will be the first Singapore space propulsion company to partner with the European Space Agency (ESA) to test its latest…
Final NASA Rocket ELA

Three successful NASA rocket launches from ELA with many more to come

On Monday, 11th July 2022 the third of three rockets of the NASA series successfully launched from Arnhem Space Centre at 8:31pm in the Northern Territory. Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) originally scheduled the lift off on Tuesday night…
Arnhem Second Rocket

SISTINE Mission Success – The Second of Three NASA Rocket Launch 2022

Last night, at 11:17pm ACST the second NASA rocket launched from Equatorial Launch Australia's (ELA) Arnhem Space Centre in the Northern Territory of Australia. The rocket, originally scheduled for lift off at 8:24pm on the night of July…
ELA Rocket Launch

SkyNews: NASA launches rocket in Australia in ‘landmark’ first

In a first for Australia, US space agency NASA launched a commercial rocket from Equatorial Launch Australia's Arnhem Space Centre, a remote area of the Northern Territory on Sunday night. Around 100 VIPs gathered overnight in a remote part…
Australia Rocket Launch

One Lift Off, Two To Go – ELA’s First Rocket Launch

Congratulations Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) for the first successful launch from Arnhem Space Centre - a prelude to many more to come. Last night, Australia keenly watched an impressive 13m NASA rocket lift off from a commercial…
Arnhem Launch Schedule

Arnhem Space Centre Rocket Launch Schedule & Information

Our corporate member, Equatorial Launch Australia welcomes their first clients to launch from the Arnhem Space Centre, here in the Northern Territory. More than 70 NASA personnel, together with the rockets, arrived in Nhulunbuy this month…

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