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A 3D Metal Printing company, in the advanced manufacturing industry working together with the Darwin Innovation Hub in the Northern Territory.

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south Korea DIH

South Korea Delegations at Darwin Innovation Hub

South Korea Delegations have arrived in Darwin today to attend the Industry Briefing held at the Darwin Innovation Hub. The Darwin Innovation Hub welcomed a delegation of South Korean journalists with a focus on the Defence and Space industry…
SPEE3d Navy MaintenX

SPEE3D Selected for US Navy MaintenX Exercise

The US Navy has selected Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund investee, SPEE3D to take part in its MaintenX exercise to manufacture deployable metal 3D printing technology at both port and sea. The Navy’s goal is to validate metal 3D…
INDO Pacific DIH

DIH at INDO PACIFIC International Maritime Exposition 2022

INDO PACIFIC International Maritime Exposition 2022 has concluded successfully for the year. Held from 10th to 12th May 2022 with an amazing turn out of over 25,000 visitors in attendance together with 736 participating exhibitor companies and…
DIH Space Projects

DIH Space Sector Spotlight: Progress on 3 Space Related Projects

The Darwin Innovation Hub's (DIH) continued work with Aliena, SPEE3D and Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) in space related projects has started to create value for the Northern Territory's space sector. Australia's Northern Territory is ideally…
SPEE3D Melbourne Grand Prix

SPEE3D demonstrates world’s fastest metal 3D printer at Melbourne Grand Prix

Australian additive manufacturing company, SPEE3D, showcased their world-leading metal 3D printing technology live at the Melbourne Grand Prix. Their amazing technology was once again seen in action by Emma Nesbitt, COO of Darwin Innovation…
SPEE3D Defense Award

SPEE3D Inaugural Winner of U.S. Military Expeditionary Manufacturing Award

The outstanding contribution SPEE3D's technology has made to furthering the manufacturing capability of defense was recognized by the U.S. Defense Strategies Institute (DSI) at its 6th Military Additive Manufacturing Summit, which took place…
NAIF Local Job Fund

Top jobs in the Top End

The Morrison-Joyce Government’s Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) is investing $50 million to grow small and medium businesses and create jobs in the Northern Territory. The money will give eligible businesses in the…

Croc Pitch 2021: What do you think of the pitches you’ve heard so far?

As a judge with experience in pitching, what do you think of the pitches you've heard so far? My name is Steven Camilleri. I’m the co-founder of SPEE3D, a metal 3D printing company. So, I've been very impressed with the quality of the…
Territory companies Lifestyle

The Territory: Best Place In The World To ‘Work From Anywhere’

The Northern Territory prides itself on being a frontier, where people with a big vision can achieve a boundless possible. The Territory has traditionally been focussed on tourism and agriculture, but increasingly, there is a small and exciting…
Winners 2021 Export Awards

2021 Chief Minister’s NT Export And Industry Awards Winners

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2021 NT Chief Minister's Export Awards. Advanced Technologies Award - SPEE3D Agribusiness, Food and Beverages Award - Monsoon Aquatics E-Commerce Award - Ausinet Emerging Exporter Award…