Technology Safeguards Agreement Clears the Path for U.S. Space Launches from Australia’s Arnhem Space Centre


Equatorial Launch Australia welcomes the announcement of the signing of the Technology Safeguards Agreement providing a framework and green light for U.S. space launches from Australia’s Arnhem Space Centre.

Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA), owner and operator of Australia’s leading spaceport, the Arnhem Space Centre (ASC), has welcomed the joint announcement by the President of the United States, Joe Biden and Australia’s Prime Minister, The Hon. Anthony Albanese, of the signing of the Technology Safeguards Agreement (TSA).

The TSA provides the legal and technical framework for U.S. commercial space launch vehicles to launch from Australia. The agreement will protect sensitive U.S. launch technology and data while in Australia and creates the potential for new space-related commercial opportunities between the two countries.

“Equatorial Launch Australia welcomes the announcement of the signing of the TSA, opening the way for collaboration and contractual opportunities with U.S. space companies to launch with ELA from the Arnhem Space Centre. In particular ELA can now advance and finalise contractual arrangements with U.S. companies launching from the Arnhem Space Centre,” said Chairman and Group CEO of ELA, Michael Jones.

“We have been engaged with and negotiating with U.S. rocket manufacturers for several years now and we have all be awaiting the TSA completion. This announcement is great news for us and clears the way for us to finalise our contracts with U.S. launchers. The agreement with the U.S. will be the most comprehensive and detailed TSA of its kind for any nation and there has been a lot of effort by key Australian space industry parties and government entities behind the scenes to ensure we get it right,” Mr Jones said.

“This announcement overnight by President Biden and Prime Minister Albanese means that ELA can now move ahead to finalise multiple draft contracts we have negotiated with several U.S. launchers and we are thrilled that the two governments have announced this landmark agreement, giving us the green light to finalise our contract with U.S. rocket manufacturers,” said Mr Jones.

ELA is on a mission and on track to be the pre-eminent multi-user commercial space launch company providing testing, launch and recovery of space vehicles and payloads flown to and from all space orbits. The Arnhem Space Centre, in East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia is located 12 degrees south of the equator, offering rocket companies and their payload customers multiple orbit options, operational freedom and simplicity for their launch and mission design.

Source: Equatorial Launch Australia