TechStars Startup Weekend Darwin

start up

WeekendWOW! What an outstanding weekend! Thank you to everyone that participated and also a massive thank you to everyone that made this event such a success! We are incredibly proud to have been a part of Darwin’s first TechStars Startup Weekend!

It is amazing what can be achieved in just 54 hours! 6 incredible teams came together to produce 6 very different business ideas. Congratulations to ALL of the teams, each and every pitch was well thought out, thoroughly researched and showed how well the teams; made up of complete strangers, worked together.

Congratulations to winners Vital+Comm who plan to connect parents of NICU patients with stats and data from hospitals, reducing the nurse’s time on the phone and informing parents of the well-being of the baby.

Our event was one of 200 being run worldwide for TechStars Global Startup Weekend, where nearly 15,000 participants began building businesses for the future!

We can’t wait see what happens from here!