Amy takes weight off mums-to-be

Mother-of-two Amy Page knows all about the joy – and discomfort – of being pregnant.

So she designed an inflatable bed to allow pregnant women to lay on their stomachs, which lets them enjoy leisure activities, and reap the many health benefits for mum and baby.

The Belly Bunker’s convenient fold design and waterproof material makes it easy to store and transport without having to inflate and deflate every time.

Its support band acts like a baby hammock, taking the weight, supporting the skin and relieving the pressure off the back and spine, creating a state of weightlessness.

Amy has single-handedly taken her invention through every stage – research, design, manufacture, testing, branding, intellectual property rights, importing, warehousing and marketing.

“I imagined the Belly Bunker in my head and then went looking for it. I was shocked to find there was nothing like that for pregnant women. So I designed it.”

Belly Bunker was runner-up in last year’s inaugural Croc Pitch hosted by the Darwin Innovation Hub.

Forty innovators took part in the contest.

Amy, who is a professional photographer and graphic artist, has been given a grant under the Northern Territory (NT) Government Business Innovation Support Initiatives scheme, which will be used to refine the design, add new features and reach new markets.

She has also gained investment from the Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund.

“I am beyond words to have the support of the NT Government and Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund cheering me on and providing expert advice and connections to take things to the next level.

“Without their joint effort to give Territorians the opportunity in Croc Pitch none of this would have happened.

 “Even though you have brought a great idea to life, nobody is going to know about it unless you get it marketed, which can cost a bucket load… and for most of us there’s only so much family funds you can spare.

 “BISI has made this possible at a rate I could only dream of.

“I’ll be able to travel nationally to speak to leading health professionals and put this product front and centre at all major expos.”