The Territory’s roadmap to the new normal

Roadmap to the new normal NT

A three step principal-based roadmap has been planned to get the Northern Territory back in business, back to work and back to enjoying the great Territory lifestyle.

Stage one adjustments will commence from noon Friday, 1 May for simple  and safe outdoor activities where physical distancing can be maintained at all times.

Stage 2 activities can commence from noon, Friday 15 May and includes safe indoor activities for less than two hours.

From noon, Friday 5 June, the two-hour time limit will be removed and restrictions will ease on further indoor activities.

All Territory businesses, services, facilities and organisations should have their own COVID-19 Safety Plan in place by June 5.

The three stage roadmap

Milestone dates are indicative only and depended upon no community transmission and people complying with the principles.

  • Stage 1 – Friday 1 May
  • Stage 2 – Friday 15 May
  • Stage 3 – Friday 5 June

If there is community transmission, the Northern Territory Government will seek expert health advice and put in place actions as per the Chief Health Officer Directions.

Read the roadmap to the new normal here.