A Warlu Collection – Reaches Tipping Point

warlu collection

Darwin Innovation Hub is extremely proud to support NORTH in the development of their first fashion collection, the Warlu Collection.

One of the first startups to come into the Hub in 2017; NORTH has continued to celebrate, support and broaden the exposure of textile design by Indigenous artists living remotely on their country. Working closely with Top End Art Centers and Australian craftspeople, NORTH has been dedicated to honoring the cultural importance and significance of storytelling.

As the first fashion line from NORTH, the Warlu collection has been the collaborative work of many talented hands and generous hearts. Each artwork featured in this collection is one of the artist’s Jukurrpa – often called a Dreaming Story.

Operating as an enterprise, NORTH’s pre-order campaign will enable and support the manufacturing stage of this collection. We are so excited to share this stage in development for NORTH as they continue to grow. We are also very proud to support NORTH and the Warlu Collection which has received an overwhelming response from the pre-order campaign set up through the ING Dreamstarter program.

This week, the pre-order campaign not only reached the tipping point but surpassed the goal of $60,000.

Success of this collection will mean three things:

  1. A new income system for the artists and their families is created through licensing of each garment – the art centre and artists benefit directly from every garment sold.
  2. Community pride is strengthened as Warlpiri designs make their way around the world, are strutted on catwalks, captured in photographs and worn with pride.
  3. NORTH as an enterprise will be financially supported to develop future collaborations that support and broaden the exposure of remote Indigenous textile design.

The Darwin Innovation Hub is delighted to have purchased the beautiful painting by Hilda Nakamarra Rojers depicting her Jukurrpa (Dreaming) story, Desert Fringe-rush Seed Dreaming.

warlu collection

Hilda Nakamarra Rojers depicting her Jukurrpa (Dreaming) story, Desert Fringe-rush Seed Dreaming

Use of funds:

$60,000 Tipping Point Goal

A successful Warlu collection campaign is a game changer for NORTH, providing the enterprise a platform and opportunity to reach independent financial sustainability so they may continue their work with remote Art Centres.

Through this collection, NORTH looks to foster connections in Australia and Internationally that will nurture opportunities for promotion of future Indigenous artists and community-based design initiatives.

The success of this collection will facilitate economic agency through business generation and the creation of meaningful employment opportunities for remote Aboriginal artists. It will also permit NORTH to achieve full Indigenous involvement and partnership in their enterprise and activities

Following the success of the Warlu collection, NORTH will work towards delivering a collection in collaboration with partnering Art Centres twice a year.

NORTH plans to work closely with two Tiwi Island Art Centres and the Pirlangimpi Women’s centre from product development through to the collection launch.

$75,000 Stretch Goal

An additional $15,000 will allow NORTH to casually employ a local Yuendumu Community member as a Design and Development Leader in the lead up to the next Warlu collection.

A Community Design and Development Leader will act as a connection point for  NORTH and enable Indigenous artists on-community to engage in every stage of the creation process, in local languages if they prefer.

NORTH is committed to respectful interaction and working together with artists on community. NORTH believes it is important for collaborations to have a strong community voice and allow creative development to be guided by artist’s ideas.

Samara Fernandez, a strong Warlpiri woman, who has a double degree in psychological science (counselling and interpersonal skills) would be engaged on a fortnightly basis.

Head over to NORTH for more information about NORTH and the Warlu Collection.