A Warlu Collection – Launch Event

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NORTH celebrates A Warlu Collection with launch event at Provenance Arts!

Down a long red road five hours north-west of Alice Springs the artists of Yuendumu and Nyrippi communities share stories of their country through bold brush strokes and joyful colour.
Here is a joyful collection of statement pieces – uniquely connected to the desert through it’s people, art and stories.

Each artwork featured in this collection is of one of the artist’s Jukurrpa – often called a Dreaming Story.

NORTH has been accepted into the Dreamstarter program supported by ING and will be running an important pre-order crowdfunder from June 19 – July 19, 2018. To find out how to support this fantastic initiative, head to Dreamstarter North Home Textiles.

This fashion collection has been the collaborative work of many talented hands and generous hearts. Working in a non-for-profit and collaborative capacity allows NORTH to realise their values and work with heart.

At this stage in growth as an enterprise, NORTH are unable to fully fund the manufacturing stage of this collection, making a pre-order process the perfect solution to ensure they remain financially responsible and each artist gets the best deal.

The launch of the Warlu Collection will support NORTH’s growth and development as a social organisation. Success of this collection will mean three things:

  1. A new income stream for our artists & their families is created through licensing of each garment – the art centre & artists benefit directly from every garment sold.
  2. Community pride is strengthened as Warlpiri designs make their way around the world, are strutted on catwalks, captured in photographs and worn with pride.
  3. NORTH as an enterprise will be financially supported to develop future collaborations that support and broaden the exposure of remote Indigenous textile design.

Our ‘all or nothing’ campaign will be live for a limited time and available to guests on the opening night.

View the collection here

The Warlu Collection