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Company Investment Ready

Is your company investment ready?

For high-growth companies, securing investment to grow and support new ventures is challenging, particularly when there is limited capital. But pre-revenue does not necessarily mean the company isn't investible. For investors, a strong indicator…
Darwin Albatross amphibious aircraft

NT News: Partnership to bring up to 300 aviation jobs to the Territory

A MANUFACTURING coup for the Northern Territory Government, securing a deal to build Albatross amphibious aircraft in Darwin. Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison said the project would create up to 300 direct jobs and deliver massive…
Life H2O Croc Pitch

PIIF Supporting ‘Life H2O’ in Improving Water Quality for Life 

Winning $300,000 of venture capital at Croc Pitch 2021, Life H2O impressed both the judges and audience with their innovative design for the manufacture of military grade, fit for purpose water purification and desalination equipment. 100%…
Transcelestial Croc Pitch

Croc Pitch Winner Transcelestial to demonstrate in Northern Territory

Singapore based Digital Technologies & ICT company, Transcelestial, pitched their innovative project to a group of expert judges at Croc Pitch and was awarded an invitation to work with the Darwin Innovation Hub to explore demonstration…
Amphibian Aerospace Industries

Amphibian Aerospace Industries Pty Ltd in the Northern Territory

Darwin Innovation Hub's annual flagship event, Croc Pitch, found some entrepreneurs and growing businesses that have a scalable innovation, product or technology that will provide a direct benefit to the Northern Territory. Seventeen…
Croc Pitch guest speakers

Croc Pitch 2021: What did you think about our guest speakers and the insights they shared?

What did you think about our Croc Pitch guest speakers and the insights they shared? Jason Davis from HoldAccess, we pitched today. Yeah, I heard some guest speakers today who were from the government and spoke about commercialization,…
Croc Pitch competing

Croc Pitch 2021: How do you feel now that you’ve pitched!

What do you think of your competitors’ pitches? Good afternoon, I’m Robert Fleming, founder of Playground123. This year’s Croc Pitch, there are some big challenges, there’s some great competitors and some really big players. So,…
Croc Pitch impact business

Croc Pitch 2021: What impact do you see Croc Pitch having for your immediate business goals?

What impact do you see Croc Pitch having for your immediate business goals? My name is Matt Ridolfi, I’m the CEO of Fishing Trips. We’re an early start up connecting anglers as they go fishing together. For me the event is really…
Croc Pitch 2021 Finalists

Croc Pitch 2021: You’re a finalist of Croc Pitch 2021, how do you feel?

You’re a finalist of Croc Pitch 2021, how do you feel? My name is Aiden Anderson-Barr, I’m from Ark Recycling. It’s an honour. It’s a great feeling that so many respected individuals from a range of different industries and organisations…
Croc Pitch 2021

The sky’s the limit for Amphibian Aerospace – Croc Pitch Winner 2021

Hosted by the Darwin Innovation Hub on the 27th of October as part of the Spark Festival and October Business Month’s Innovation week, Croc Pitch 2021 was an incredible day for entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs and investors. This year the…